Sabel is managing Matrix Towers Group  which is investing in office buildings for rental yield


Sabel was the main consulting provider to Europe Matrix debt management group in 7 countries in South Eastern Europe. The group was sold to EOS Group, a subsidiary of the German Otto Group.


Sabel is investing as an angel investor in high technology startups.

Powersave Group UK

Powersave Solutions Ltd. provide business to business energy saving lighting solutions through the supply of retrofit high grade LED lighting which can produce significant electricity savings of up to 70% while making a sustainable and responsible contribution to helping the environment. Our projects to date include commercial business centres, shopping centres, sporting centres, industrial manufacturing facility, hotel, cafeterias, health care facilities, etc. Industry and commercial buildings account for more than half of today’s energy consumption and at Powersave Solutions Ltd we choose the most appropriate energy solution for each organization supporting its sustainable growth.

In today’s world with high energy prices and rapid climate change, Powersave Solutions Ltd provides proven expertise in developing, constructing and operating greener and more economical energy lighting products. By manufacturing our own products we are in a better position to offer significant benefits in terms of volume, prices and warranty terms, innovation and design.

In line with government directive, all lamps that are lower than grade B will be banned starting from September 2016. LED’s are A classification and offer better durability, longer life, unrestricted design, safety, longevity and more economical than any other light on the market.

Investment sold in 2016.


Sozie shopping app

SOZIE is defining the future of fashion retail by transforming brick & mortar into brick & mobile – and creating an Internet-of-Fashion-Things (IoFT) to vastly enhance shopper experiences.

Our mission is to maximise retailers’ sales of garments and footwear to millennial shoppers, in-shop, after-shop and virtually on mobiles.

SOZIE offers a backend system and a frontend IoFT shopper m-app.

The backend system has two components: (i) a technology product –mobile connected IoFT fitting rooms (zones) and (ii) a technology application – retailer dashboard providing new dimensional shopper and garment insights.

The frontend IoFT m-app connects shopper mobiles to products seamlessly in SOZIE zones. Its features are especially designed to maximise desire and minimise constraints to purchase based on the top academic research into millennial shopping behaviour.

Innovate UK showcased SOZIE as defining the Future of Retail.


Shoppers can interact with products on their mobiles to view details, share these details with selfies in one touch on social and gaming features, pay in-app to avoid queues, ‘hang’ items to purchase even after leaving the shop and bid on sale items.

Prolific sharing on social and gaming features delivers virtual inventory, which the network of app users can interact with in all of the preceding ways, delivering a new avenue for retailer sales.


SOZIE creates value for its retail clients by increasing sales by up to 18% and also through higher value use of shop employee time. SOSIE is targeting retail clients and brands that are popular with millennial shoppers